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The Rocket breaks all the rules. It’s dying your hair purple, it’s your rebellious younger cousin, it’s the friend everyone loves to hate.

It came to me oddly in a particularly hard Dharma session in the form of an upside down high five from Marcus Veda in Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel). He said I should come along to his class. When I did, I left feeling so high. It lifted me, it left me feeling lighter, stronger (albeit a little broken) and happier than when I walked in. And for me, this is the power of the Rocket.

The Rocket was created by Larry Schutlz and is a dynamic vinyasa practice rooted in Ashtanga. It “gets you there faster” (his words not mine)



Mandala for me is my indulgence. It’s slow and flowing, but still strong and dynamic. It carries itself to the rhythm of breath. When I practice it I feel like a giant pair of lungs, in a steady beat and without pause.

The mandala model works with elemental and chakra theories, targeting specific areas of the body. The fluid movement takes you 360 degrees around the mat, opening and closing the practice with some delicious yin.



Yin is my thing. My peanut butter straight from the jar. My bolster and I have a very close relationship. Yin works with the energetic body. Postures are held for long periods of time, allowing the muscles to relax so you can work deeper into the connective tissue. It is the perfect practice to go alongside dynamic practices and busy lifestyles.


Privates, Corporates and One to One

I love teaching one to one and small group yoga. It’s the perfect opportunity to tailor a class to your specific needs and really take the time to go through anything that you are struggling with. If you are interested in a private class with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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